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We are a student led 501(c)(3) international not-for-profit. Our mission is to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive Arts spaces. Music is a universal language that can bring us together and illustrate change in our world. Together we can create a world filled with peace and love through the universal language of music.


Executive Team

Devika Gehlaut, Co-Founder and President

Devika Gehlaut is an aspiring social entrepreneur who hopes to take steps towards creating a systemic change through her ventures. Music always served as a safe space for Devika, which led her to co-found Music for Change, through which she hopes to share this sense of comfort with the rest of the world. She believes that voices are more powerful than violence, and music is a language that speaks to all, despite race and religion, and therefore hopes to raise awareness on issues she is passionate about, such as education and equality, through Music for Change.

Rosanna Gao, Co-Founder and President

Connect on LinkedIn! Rosanna Gao is an incoming freshman at Yale University. She is passionate about Musical Theatre, Civic Engagement, Citizen Artistry, and Entrepreneurship. Rosanna was selected as an International Thespian Officer (one of six) representing Educational Theatre Association, which has over 2.4 million Thespians globally. Furthermore, she advocates for East Asian Americans through her work as a Producing Assistant for Illegal: A New Musical and her independent study project published in Dramatics.org. Rosanna has performed as the female lead at Interlochen Arts Academy, interned with multiple Performing Art companies, and won various contests such as the Lincoln Center CMS Innovation Contest. Rosanna hopes to create Diverse, Equitable, and inclusive Arts programs through her work with Music For Change.

David Ren, Chief Information Officer

David Ren is currently 16 years old, attending New Hyde Park Memorial High School on Long Island, New York. From a young age, he has always had a passion for music, ricocheting from piano, violin, voice, musical theater, and more. He wholeheartedly believes that music is a platform where people’s differences can be overcome which inevitably leads to positive change, which is why he decided to join Music for Change. David is part of many clubs at his school, including but not limited to the Robotics Club, Model United Nations, French Club, Science Olympiads, and more! David can’t wait to share the joy of music.

Ronak Samuel, Chief Financial Officer

Ronak Samuel is currently a high school sophomore studying at The Bishop’s Co-Ed School, Pune. He is an avid footballer and track athlete who has represented his school and district. He is a grade 7 pianist on the Trinity Board. Music has always been an important part of his life. He believes that everyone is moved by music in some way and is excited to do his bit through Music For Change.

Angelina Fazzini, Head of Management

Angelina Fazzini is 17 years old and lives in New York. Her hobbies include gardening, singing, and playing the guitar. She loves to participate in community service, and use music to make a positive impact on the world. She sees music as a universal language that can connect people from all over the world. Please help Music For Change spread positivity by joining our team or by watching our videos.

Piper Wallace, Head of Marketing

Piper Wallace is an incoming freshman at Brown University. When she’s not busy with schoolwork, she enjoys playing field hockey, singing, songwriting, playing piano, going for runs in the park with her dog, and spending time with her friends and family. Most importantly, she can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future of Music for Change!

Ryan Cooke, Head of Event Management

Ryan is a sophomore at the Cambridge School of Weston in Weston, Massachusetts. She loves musical theatre, playing the electric bass, and volunteering. Ryan studies with The Broadway Collective and plans to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre in college. She has worked with the Blue Man Group (Boston), performed with the Boston Conservatory, and has sung with Boston City Singers for eight years. Along with BCS, Ryan has performed with the New England Philharmonic and at Symphony Hall, and traveled to Puerto Rico to spread hope through music after the devastating hurricane. In 2023, they will go on tour in South Africa. Ryan is passionate about using music to spread hope and positivity, and loves being a part of the Music For Change Team. She believes the joy of music can be healing and hopes that by working with MFC, she will make a difference.

Lauren Landy, Content Curator

Lauren Landy is a student at Horace Mann School in the Bronx of New York City. In her free time, she likes to run in the park, read, wind surf (during the summer), and have fun with her friends and family. Lauren enjoys posting videos and informational photos for Music for Change because she wants to spread their message and initiate positive change.

Annissa Gao, Head of Art

Annissa Gao is a Sophomore at Great Neck South High School. She is excited to merge her interests in art, business/entrepreneurship, photography, and social justice to spread awareness on current events in our world. Outside of art, Annissa is the captain of her volleyball team and volunteers in her local community. She hopes to expand Music For Change to not only the music sector, but also the Arts to create positive change.

Head of Different Chapters

China: Xinran Hou, You An Zhang

Nigeria: Pipololaoluwa Ayo-Ponle

India: Manit Shah

England: Emily Wilson

Canada: Tessa Duncan

Russia: Irina Semenov

Pakistan: Akeem Khan

Indonesia: Rizky Shawn

Marshall Islands: Mellissa Delos Angeles

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