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About Us

Our Beliefs

Current events in our world can bring hardships within our communities and people around us. We believe that through music we can bring change, optimism, and hope. Our mission is to allow individuals to use music as a way to continue forward and bring change within current events that are happening around the world. Whether you are performing a song to thank essential workers during COVID-19, or playing a violin piece to raise awareness on the Black Lives Matter movement, we are are all trying to bring change in the world through music. Together we can create a world filled with peace and love through the universal language of music.

Our Team

Rosanna Gao, Co-Founder

Rosanna Gao is a junior at Great Neck South High School on Long Island, NY. She is passionate about Musical Theatre, Volunteering, and an advocate for Asian Representation on Broadway. Rosanna is a recipient of the National Honor Thespian award and International Thespian Excellence Award. Also, she is the founder of the Nassau County Gavel Club (https://ncgavelclub.org) where she hopes to develop student’s public speaking and leadership skills. Rosanna hopes Music For Change is a way to spread awareness and positivity on racial issues that are happening in our world and continues to advocate for Asian Representation on Broadway through our webinars.

Devika Gehlaut, Co-Founder

Devika Gehlaut is a 16 year old student at the Horace Mann School in New York City. Devika is an aspiring entrepreneur and someday hopes to create an app that will have a big impact on the world. She enjoys coding and utilizes her free time expanding her knowledge and skills in Swift and Xcode. Another one of Devika’s hobbies is singing, and she enjoys performing in various venues around London. She believes that music is her happy place as it allows her to destress and relax. She wants to share this feeling of comfort she finds through music with the rest of the world and hopes she can do so through Music For Change. Devika not only hopes to spread positivity through music, but also spread awareness on issues such as racial inequality that are still prevelant in our world today, through it. She believes she can do so becuase voices are more powerful than violence, and music is a language that speaks to all, despite race and religion.

Johann Lee, Chief Executive Officer

Johann Lee is a rising senior at Great Neck South High School in Long Island, New York. He is passionate about making a difference in the world for business, healthcare, and especially music. Named after Johann Sebastian Bach, he was born with a natural passion for music and started playing the violin at just 3 years of age. At the age of 6, he started playing the piano, the drums, the trumpet, and even started composing his own music. With his developed love towards music, Johann hopes to transcend the constraints that are present with music in today’s society in the hopes of developing a more compassionate world. Through his business acuements (such as winning 1st in an international business competition and having multiple successful startup initiatives), Johann is confident that Music For Change will be the organization that will make this difference for music and the world.

David Ren, Chief Information Officer

David Ren is currently 16 years old, attending New Hyde Park Memorial High School on Long Island, New York. From a young age, he has always had a passion for music, ricocheting from piano, violin, voice, musical theater, and more. He wholeheartedly believes that music is a platform where people’s differences can be overcome which inevitably leads to positive change, which is why he decided to join Music for Change. David is part of many clubs at his school, including but not limited to the Robotics Club, Model United Nations, French Club, Science Olympiads, and more! David can’t wait to share the joy of music.

Ronak Samuel, Chief Financial Officer

Ronak Samuel is currently a high school sophomore studying at The Bishop’s Co-Ed School, Pune. He is an avid footballer and track athlete who has represented his school and district. He is a grade 7 pianist on the Trinity Board. Music has always been an important part of his life. He believes that everyone is moved by music in some way and is excited to do his bit through Music For Change.

Angelina Fazzini, Head of Management

Angelina Fazzini is 15 years old and lives in New York. Her hobbies include gardening, singing, and playing the guitar. She loves to participate in community service, and use music to make a positive impact on the world. She sees music as a universal language that can connect people from all over the world. Please help Music For Change spread positivity by joining our team or by watching our videos.

Piper Wallace, Head of Marketing

Piper Wallace is a student at Horace Mann School in the Bronx of New York City. When she’s not busy with schoolwork, she enjoys playing field hockey, singing, songwriting, playing piano, going for runs in the park with her dog, and spending time with her friends and family. Most importantly, she can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future of Music for Change!

Lauren, Social Media Manager

Coming Soon!

Ryan Cooke, Co-Head of Event Management

Ryan is a sophomore at the Cambridge School of Weston in Weston, Massachusetts. She loves musical theatre, playing the electric bass, and volunteering. Ryan studies with The Broadway Collective and plans to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre in college. She has worked with the Blue Man Group (Boston), performed with the Boston Conservatory, and has sung with Boston City Singers for eight years. Along with BCS, Ryan has performed with the New England Philharmonic and at Symphony Hall, and traveled to Puerto Rico to spread hope through music after the devastating hurricane. In 2023, they will go on tour in South Africa. Ryan is passionate about using music to spread hope and positivity, and loves being a part of the Music For Change Team. She believes the joy of music can be healing and hopes that by working with MFC, she will make a difference.

Brenda Bolouvi, Co-Head of Event Management

Brenda Bolouvi is a sophomore at New Hyde Park Memorial High School. She is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America and Model UN, and she loves to play sports, especially running track. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and cooking meals for her and her younger brother. She is currently in band and enjoys listening to all types of music, and is always looking to expand her horizons, whether it be with new genres, styles, or more! She can’t wait to be a part of Music for Change!

Ava Moos, Officer

Ava Moos lives in Mumbai, India . She is currently in the 11th grade studying at The Cathedral And John Connon School . She is a singer and actress often performing in her city’s plays and choirs . She also plays the piano, guitar and dances. She strives to combine her love for music and helping others and thus was extremely happy joining the music for change team. She believes that the power of music can unite people from all over the world and is a universal language that spreads messages of love , hope, and peace. Even though music is her first love, she is also a passionate environmentalist and aspiring art historian. She loves reading, playing football and watching Harry Potter in her free time.

Lauren Landy, Content Curator

Lauren Landy is a student at Horace Mann School in the Bronx of New York City. In her free time, she likes to run in the park, read, wind surf (during the summer), and have fun with her friends and family. Lauren enjoys posting videos and informational photos for Music for Change because she wants to spread their message and initiate positive change.

Tessa Duncan, Coordinator

Tessa Duncan lives in Ontario, Canada. She currently studies at Montessori Academy Of London. She plays violin, piano, and a little bit of flute. She is a student at the Young Artists Pre-College Academy. Her solo performances have honoured her with Provincial Finalist awards for the last two years and her quartet, Sixteen Strings, won first prize in the Junior Chamber Class at the Ontario provincial finals in 2019. Tessa enjoys ice-skating, reading, creative writing, and studying the Russian language.

Maia Mehring, Coordinator

Maia is a sophomore at Great Neck South High School. She loves the arts, particularly singing and dancing. Maia has performed in both school and community shows over the years. Traveling is her passion, and she loves learning about different places and cultures. Maia also spends her time working on her clothing website for American Girl Dolls and blogging about her life. Her favorite Netflix shows include Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, and Glee. She is so excited to be a part of the Music for Change team!

Bailey Yerdon, Officer

Bailey Yerdon is a junior at Guilderland High School in Albany, NY. She has a huge love for music and hopes to be a music teacher one day. She has been playing percussion and piano since elementary school and enjoys playing in the pit of musical performances. Bailey is a member of the Empire State Youth Orchestra’s Youth Percussion Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. Bailey enjoys ESYO because she gets to play with others who are just as passionate about music as herself. Besides music Bailey enjoys dancing. She has been a competitive dancer since the age of five and her favorite style is tap. Bailey is thrilled to be part of the Music For Change team and loves to be involved in music volunteer opportunities.

Esha Brar, Officer

Esha Brar is a junior at Manhasset High School. Along with being very passionate for music, specifically voice and operatic performance, Esha is also an avid varsity fencer and science lover, participating in science research for over 4 years. In her free time, Esha also loves participating in community service opportunities, and playing ukulele. Esha is currently enrolled in the Manhattan School of Music Precollege Program as a voice major. Esha loves music and considers it to be one of the most enriching and uniting aspects of her life. She is so excited to join the Music for Change team and use the platform she was given to help bring change.

Gordon Amodeo, Officer

Gordon Amodeo is 16 years old and attend The Albany Academy in Albany, New York. From the young age of 4 Gordon started playing the violin and has had overwhelming passion for music. He is has been a member of the Empire State Youth Orchestra for over 5 years now and has also attended Interlochen Arts Academy for many summers. Through his experiences in his life Gordon has realized just how powerful music can be, it’s a universal language that everyone speaks, which is why he joined Music for Change. In his free time Gordon engages in trading in the Stock Markets and hopes to pursue a career on Wall Street.

Muhummud Abid, Officer

Muhummud Abid currently lives in Orlando, Florida. “While I don’t have a ton of music skills, I believe spreading the joy of music can improve or change a persons mood for the better. Some things about me are that I enjoy cooking food with my dad, gardening with my mom (we currently planted an avocado tree) and reading books with my sister! I love participating in my community so I try to join as many clubs as possible! I joined my eco club last year which basically gives us the opportunity to give back to the homeless, I joined my debate team, and my best buddies club along with SGA where I ran for Vice President! When I graduate high school, I would like to move to New York city for college and practice law in the city. I was inspired to practice law by the Central Park 5 Case, and if I succeed I want to make sure that in the future cases like this could be prevented. I’m so excited to be a part of music for change because how positive it is and how big of a difference it can make!”

MFC China

Xinran Hou, Director

Xinran Hou is a 16 year old student at Guanghua Academy in Shanghai, China. In her spare time, she enjoys playing guitar, studying publicity, and volunteering. She joined her School’s Charity Foundation which quickly launched a donation and replenished medical supplies to four hospitals during Covid-19. During the epidemic, she discovered that music can make people relax and relieve pressure. She hopes to strengthen communication between people from different countries though Music For Change because music is a universal language. She also hopes that people can raise awareness on prevention during COVID-19 by watching these videos.

You An Zhang, Director

Amy is a year 10 IB student at Shanghai Weiyu High School. She is an artistic student who has great passion in fashion and music. In usual, she paid close attention to feminism. She wrote a song about rejecting unhealthy ways for girls to lose weight in grade 10. She is a hiphop fanatic and she also listens chilling pop songs and jazz. She is greatly influenced by the hiphop spirit which advocates peace, love and standing for unprivileged people. She expressed values toward life in her rap songs. After gathering those energetic MFC officers, she is determined to build a strong musical community.

【Check out for her music platform on https://music.163.com/#/artist?id=37129974

Yu Jia Li, Director

YuJia Li is a 16-year-old student currently studying in Shanghai. In her life, music always take an essential part. Among all kinds of music, rap is her favourite genre. She likes listening rap music to relax herself. She hopes that more people will discover the glamour of this music style and using rap music to enlighten their daily life and cure their pains, just like what she get from rap. She enjoys jogging too, and take an active part in doing Marathon. leaving her own footprints in different places, feeling the charm of nature.

Jane Xu, Officer of Media

Xu Chenjie is a sophomore student in Shanghai Weiyu international School. Since she was a
child, she has participated in the choir and studied vocal music. So she has a unique love and
emotion for music. She has always believed that music can help people express things they
cannot say in words, and emotions they cannot convey in pictures. She admitted that it was
difficult to explore this way of transmission, but she still kept trying and gradually groped to
her own style, hoping to tell people a fantastic but true story through music. In her spare time, she likes to listen to some folk music and some bands’ works. Her favorite singers and bands
are Li Chen, Qingfeng Wu, Soda Green

Vic Zhou, Officer of Communication

Vic’s favorite music genre is rap.

Fab Wu, Officer of Information

Vladimir•Fabre•Gekyume(Fab) A.K.A
SnapWOO. A student from grade 11, GuangHua Academy VCA Program. He is an
enthusiastic music lover who loves
Hip-Hop music, Metal music, Hard rock, Blues, also classic music. He used to play
piano, but now he is an excellent bassist in
school’s rock band.

Zichen Huang, Officer of Information

Zichen Huang is a grade 11 AP student at Guanghua Academy in Shanghai. He is a music producer, drum player, audio engineer, rapper. He is a member of LiverRow which is a
hip-hop label founded by Shanghai international students. He is a member of G-Spark which is a band founded by students in Guanghua Academy. He loves pop music, hip-hop music, rock
‘n roll, classical music, etc. He thinks musicians are the same as poets, they express their life in melody. He believes that listening to music not only needs to feel the melody but needs to learn musicians’ thoughts.

Tony Huang, Officer of Information

Tony Huang is a student from grade 11 in
GuangHua academy high school. He hold great passion for Hiphop culture, then he decided to develop his own style in rapping and produce his own composition. He is going to invest his efforts in it step by step to achieve his own goal as a amateur rapper.

Katherine Lu, Officer of Information

Katherine is an AP student, grade 10 who really
loves hip hop, R&B and pop culture and music. She is a huge fan of Travis Scott, Machine Gun Kelly, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Ariana Grande. In addition, she loves aesthetics and enjoys artistic photography. She loves music, listening to over 900 hours in a year. She also likes to understand and appreciate different artists who have their own
opinions of fashion.

Claire Qian, Officer of Information

Claire is a very tall girl who‘s confident in performance. She loves to study different aspects and themes in movies. Have written multiple reviews on films, with unique and precise ideas. Also, she has written a few scripts for music videos and is experienced in editing. Those videos express music accurately and supports minor groups. For music, she’s a Taylor Swift Fan, but also listens to a wide variety of music: pop music, Jazz, Folk music and some rap songs. With experiences both in music and videos. Claire is ready to use her ability to make music for change.

Lucy Mei, Officer of Information

Mei Yuxuan from Media Department is
a student of Shanghai Guanghua
Academy, Grade 11. In her spare time, she
likes to draw and write postcards to record
her life.

You You, Officer of Information

Yumi is a student from Shanghai Weiyu Middle School. She loves rap, hip-hop and dancing. She is also a member of the hip-hop club and has performed at many school events. She wants to use rap to deliver positive energy!

MFC India

Bhumika Ladiwal, MFC India Head

Bhumika Ladiwal is a passionate designer and an art student, currently studying in India, aspiring to be an architect. She loves art and design, literature, poetry and music as well. To add on, she wants to spread positivity and optimism through music and poetry which is why she is a part of the team. She is amazing at graphic designing as well. In her free time, she likes to read, write poems and paint. Bhumika also likes to spend her time with her loved ones and watch movies.

Prakrati Mamtani, Head of Technology

Prakrati Mamtani is currently studying in grade 11 of Jayshree Periwal International School in Jaipur, India. Her hobbies include dance and art, and she has participated in many competitions regarding them. Dance to her is a spiritual way of expressing herself and she wants to use her platform at Music for Change to help spread positivity through her art.

Khyati Manglani, Officer

Khyati Manglani is a high school student and a national-level table tennis player. She is an industrious and organized person. With a kind and helping nature, she has impacted the lives of almost 100 unprivileged women and children by raising funds for them. She has also started her own initiative called “Madad” to help helpless people, also being part of her 5 other student led-initiatives. With a keen interest in business management and economics, she has also participated in various competitions.

Tanay Agarwal, Officer

Tanay Agarwal is an ardent technopile and enthusiastic dancer since an early age. Being born and brought up in India created an attachment with Bollywood and helped him jam and groove with the songs. This helped him, from him winning national level dance competitions, to being a part of his school dance troupe. Furthermore, he says that music and dance help him relax.

Denize, Officer

Denize resides in Goa and is a part of our tech and event management teams. She enjoys playing the guitar and making music. She joined the team hoping that she can make an improvement in some way and be able to bring about better chance of the world to be exposed to young artists.

Prarthna, Officer

Prarthna is 16 and has lived in 4 countries so far which has shaped her uniquely as a person. She has been singing for as long as she can remember and has recently started writing poetry which she absolutely loves!

Pushkar Sonar, Officer

Pushkar Sonar is a high school student of Delhi Public School Pune who is pursuing commerce stream and wants to run a business company of VFX production. He had developed his liking in music when he was exposed to the early uprising of EDM songs. This liking urged him to make his own YouTube channel (ProFusion Beats) where he remakes some of the songs he like. He also learnt how to play guitar and how to compose music by himself and wants to show his passion for music through MUSIC FOR CHANGE.

MFC Nigeria

Pipololaoluwa Ayo-Ponle, Coordinator

Pipololaoluwa Ayo-Ponle is a 16 year old girl who attends Strong Tower Academy Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria. Pipololaoluwa is an aspiring programmer, and she uses her free time to do a lot of coding. She enjoys singing, playing the violin and guitar. She feels that Music should be used to spread positivity around the world, despite race or religion, and she wants to do that through Music for Change. She also likes lending an helping hand to others. She urges you to join our team or volunteer and be someone who helped change someone’s life.

Do you want to join our team?

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