Community Outreach and Partners

Our mission is to spread change, awareness, positivity, and hope within our world through music. We have participated in multiple events and partnered with several organizations to reach this goal.

Not-for-Profit Corporation Law

We are a certified Not-For-Profit organization, and our mission is to bring change and spread positivity in our world through music. All proceeds will be donated back to our community.

Funds Raised

Donated $4,000 for Covid-19 Relief

Music For Change has raised $4,000 from crowdfunding, fundraising, donations, and online concerts which they have donated to Covid-19 Relief.

Raising $3600 for Migrant Workers amidst Covid-19

The Music For Change team raised $3600 through crowdfunding to help migrant workers in India get back on their feet during the Covid-19 pandemic. View the article!

Raised Nearly $400 for the Ronald McDonald House NYC

The Music For Change team raised nearly $400 for the RMH-NY through DIY fundraising. The Ronald McDonald House New York is a non-profit dedicated to helping children suffering from cancer in New York City.

Our Partners

Indiabulls Foundation

Music For Change is a partner with Indiabulls Foundation. We are offering free music lessons and virtual concerts to underprivileged children in India. Also, we will donate portions from fundraising and charity concerts into this foundation.

Clarity To Charity

Clarity to Charity is a non profit organization determined to smoothen and simplify the process of reaching out to the ones in need. We hope to reach a larger audience and provide music concerts and activities to the children.

Collaborating with Be An Arts Hero

The Music For Change team has partnered with the Be An Arts Hero movement. They want to provide relief to the American arts and culture sector, and Music for Change plans on supporting them through any way possible.

Collaborating with Save the Music

The Music For Change team has partnered with the Save the Music Foundation. Through advocating for the accessibility of music to American children, Music for Change hopes to spread the joy of music.

Daniel’s Music

Some members of our team performed with representatives from Daniel’s Music. We have partnered with them in an effort to birgn change through music.

Sweet Relief

We held a concert together with Sweet Relief for Thanksgiving, and now are partnering with them! Check the concert out at this link here.

Community Outreach

Teaching Music and Dance to St. Cecilia’s Orphanage in Zambia, Africa

The Music For Change team gives music and dance classes weekly to St Cecilia’s Orphanage in Zambia Africa.

Performing at BLM Protests

We played instruments, sung, danced, and read poems on unification, hope, racial inequality, and positivity at local Black Lives Matter protests and marches in the New York area. Music is a universal language that can unite us during hard times and we hope our songs can uplift each other and bring smiles on peoples faces.

Music for Change Week

From November 23rd to November 29th, we held Music for Change Week, a week dedicated to spreading positivity through music. This included various things such as a game night for children, a concert, and more! Check it out at this link here.

Speaking at ESYO

Our co-founder Rosanna Gao recently spoke at ESYO, the video clip to the right. Both ESYO and Music For Change share the same goal of connecting humanities and community service.

Performing for Essential Workers

We performed outside hospitals in London, hoping to bring a smile on patients, visitors and essential workers that passed by’s faces. We believe that even a moment of music can help uplift people’s spirits.

Speaking at Thespian Nation Live on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Theatre spaces

Our Co-founder, Rosanna Gao is a State Thespian Officer and spoke about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in theatre spaces! Click here to view the article.

Coordinating Music with Great Neck Chinese Assoc.

We coordinated the yo-yo performance with Great Neck Chinese Association, which was shown in the Great Neck Thanksgiving Unity video.

North Hempstead’s supervisor, Judy Bosworth, talking about inclusivity through the pandemic.

Coordinating a yo-yo dance with Great Neck Chinese Association!

Music for change India Conducted an event with an orphanage named ‘Sparsh’.

We sent a collaborative video showcasing our talents via music in order to encourage and spread positivity amongst the kids. The event was successful as we received a positive feedback from the head of the orphanage telling us that the kids were inspired because of the event.

Writing musical letters to drug rehabilitation centers in support of the USPS

The USPS receives 0 tax dollars and have been financially unsustainable for a long time, further strained from COVID-19. We have also created infographics to raise awareness and how you can help. More and more teenagers have been struggling with drug abuse and we hope our messages will support them among their recovery.

MFC Suicide Prevention Campaign

During suicide awareness month, the Music For Change team from around the world placed motivational cards with positive song lyrics and the national suicide prevention hotline, in suicide vulnerable locations such as railway tracks and bridges. Music For Change also posted suicide prevention infographics on their social media to spread awareness.

Virtual Concert at Care Homes

Officers from Music For Change curated a virtual concert which was shown to an elderly care home called “The Beverwyck” in Slingerlands, New York. Throughout this difficult time with COVID-19, we hope the elderly feel united and hopeful.

Speaking at Interlochen Center for the Arts

Our Co-Founder, Rosanna Gao, spoke at the Citizen Artistry Seminar at Interlochen in support of Music For Change and the importance of Asian Representation in Broadway, Hollywood, and Media. This seminar was attended by many Actors/Actresses who advocate for social equality in the arts including Ashley Park (Broadway Actress, Nominated for multiple Tony Awards) and Santino Fontano (Actor, Tony Award and Drama Desk Award recipient).

Performing at a Wildlife Fundraiser

The Music For Change team in Mumbai, India performed at a fundraiser to help raise money to save the Royal Bengal Tigers; India’s national animals that are a highly endangered species.

Performing & Spreading Environmental Awareness in Central Park

The Music For Change team in New York performed cheerful songs in Central Park to spread positivity & handed out posters about more environmently friendly methods of disposing waste, along with a map of all recycling bin locations at the park.

Speaking to the City Council on budget cuts towards Arts Programs

Our Co-founder’s joined Youth Development Institute and Black Lives Matter protests in regards to the recent budget cuts towards arts programs in the United States and around the globe. We must speak up towards these issues! Over 90% of public education schools have no drama/music classes.

Releasing New Music to Spread Joy

Manit Shah, a member of the Music For Change Team, has released instrumental covers of songs that gave him comfort in the hopes that it would do the same for others. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify!

Releasing a Song for SORAI

Manit Shah, a member of the Music For Change Team, has released a single called “SORAI” for the SORAI foundation (Save Our Rhinos Africa India). All proceeds from streaming/purchasing goes to them, a foundation that works towards the rehabilitation and protection of rhinos. Listen on Apple Music!

Music and Dance Lessons

One of the members of Music for Change, Veer Subandh, taught a music and dance lesson to a school in India.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

The Marketing Department of Music For Change wanted to spread the joy of the new year, writing cards via Cards for Hospitalized Kids. We ask you to try writing one too!

Inspiring Snowflakes

The PR Department of Music For Change wrote inspirational messages on snowflakes and posted them in public locations to spread the joy of music in the winter season!

Relief for Cyclone Mani

Music For Change’s Chief Executive Officer, Manit Shah, assisted relief efforts after Cyclone Mani’s destructive path through Odisha in Mayurbhanj. Read about his undertakings here and here.

Featured on Interlochen Arts Academy Newsletter

Music For Change’s Co-founder, Rosanna Gao was featured on Interlochen Arts Academy’s newsletter for her advocacy for Asian American Representation through Music For Change.

Finalists in the NYT Coming of Age Competition

Two members of our team, Annissa and Rosanna Gao, were part of the 245 finalists out of 5,500 entries selected as winners to the New York Times Coming of Age Competition for creating a video on the topic of hate crimes against AAPI.

Writing Letters to Love For Our Elders

The Music for Change Team wrote letters to Love For Our Elders, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading positivity in senior facilities.

What Does Music Mean to You?

Members of MFC created posters saying “What does music mean to you?” and placed them around, in hopes that people would spread their thoughts. They also wrote out thank you letters to essential workers in local stores and businesses.

Featured in Great Neck Library “Levels”

Music For Change was featured in two of Great Neck Library’s playbills, She Kills Monsters and Sheamus’s Tragedy.

Citizen Artistry with the New York Thespians

We held a webinar on Citizen Artistry with the New York Thespians, a chapter of the Educational Theatre Association which sponsors the International Thespian Society. Citizen Artistry is the act of utilizing art in volunteer work to benefit the community.

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